Hlulani Masingi

Marketing & Communications Manager

Hlulani Masingi has a solid education and more than seven years’ media experience. She graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand with a BA Degree in Media Studies and English Literature (2008) and BA Honours Degree in Media Studies (2009). Her Honours research paper which is titled Representation of Minority Languages by the SABC: A Case of Xitsonga Language, was published by Lambert Academic Publishing in Germany.
Hlulani began her career as a Media Analyst at Newsclip Media Monitoring. She has a variety of interests that include PR, Communications, Marketing, Events and Creative Writing. She has worked as an Online Editor for some of South Africa’s affluent magazines, Essays of Africa and Mamas & Papas at Kwenta Media. Prior to that, she was involved in marketing at the same publishing house. In 2018, Hlulani worked at Africaneur IQ, a professional service company aimed at delivering rapid economic transformation in South Africa. In 2021, she joined the Black Energy Professionals Association (BEPA) as the Marketing and Communications Manager and also offers managerial support for the Mahlako A Phahla Group marketing team.