“For Immediate Release
28 February 2019
JOINT STATEMENT ON ANC ENGAGEMENT WITH BLACK PROFESSIONALS The African National Congress (ANC) held an engagement with organised bodies representing black professionals on Monday, 25 February 2019. The engagements followed unfortunate public exchanges that created an incorrect perception of the ANC’s policy and position regarding black professionals. The discussions were robust and cordial and were conducted in a spirit of comradeship.
The ANC reiterates its firm support for black professionals and encourages ongoing engagements to create platforms for dialogue on matters of policy and implementation. The discussions further touched, amongst others, on the need to increase procurement spend targeting black-owned enterprises. This discussion was on the back of a perception that the ANC continued to support public spending that favoured established white enterprises. As part of the dialogue and finding each other, the ANC highlighted the tangible interventions implemented by government to radically alter the landscape in this regard. The”

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