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Why Become a Member

If you have Black Energy – if you have what it takes – join our cause.

If you are a black individual, or a company that supports BEPA’s mission, and are either active in the energy sector or aspiring to be, kindly contact us for a membership application form, and for any further information. A membership fee is payable annually.

Black Energy Professionals Association (BEPA) was formed by black people with the specific mission to empower black interests in the South African energy sector.

BEPA offers a platform of support through creating the opportunities to network and engage with like-minded professionals at all levels thus fostering a climate where individuals are inspired, motivated and encouraged to reach their full potential.

By being unmissable and unavoidable in the policy discussions that affect the industry we will be able to develop a structured leadership to drive our activities in a constructive and sustainable manner and build communication channels with key stakeholders. We aim to represent the interests and position of black industry participants by working with the relevant private and public sector officials that have a positive impact on the economy and as a result, carry out all organisation admin and communication adequately.